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HTL Optipette pipette


single channel, variable volume

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Optipette pipette series

Ergonomically designed OPTIPETTE single and multichannel pipettes feature slim handle, high accuracy and precision rates combined with their tremendous robustness and very competitive price. New pipetting mechanism allows for precise and effortless setting of pipette volume. Winding the counter from min to max volume can be performed with one hand in minimal time.

  • Contoured shape of the handle, equipped with a finger-hook guarantee correct grip reducing wrist strain and fatigue
  • Low pipette weight and soft springs system provides comfort at work, even during long pipetting series
  • Reliable sealing system ensures reliability of results
  • Built-in user-recalibration system allows matching of the pipette for your specific application

Choose your desired singel channel pipette (OP2, OP10, OP20, OP50, OP100, OP200, OP250, OP1000, OP5000 or OP10000) from specifications. For multi channel or starter pack prices, please contact us.