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HTL Discovery Pro STARTER 4 PACK


Variable volume single channel pipettes, STARTER 4 PACK

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PZ HTL S.A. is one of the world’s major manufacturers of liquid handling equipment. Over 35 years of experience in design and production of manual dosing systems, together with a strong focus on customer satisfaction allowed HTL to gain the reputation of a reliable supplier of user friendly laboratory tools.

Creating new products HTL always focuses on ergonomics, accuracy and precision. The new single channel DISCOVERY PRO pipette series is uniquely dedicated to the three key features. The contoured shape of the handle and finger-hook guarantee correct grip reducing wrist strain and fatigue. The tip ejection force is reduced by more than 30% thanks to the unique pushbutton-lever system. In addition to the outstanding comfort, the new DISCOVERY PRO pipette offers quick and easy volume setting even when used with gloves. All DISCOVERY PRO pipette models are fully autoclavable (121oC/100kPa/20 min.) and can be safely sterilized with UV radiation.

  • Fast volume setting
  • Volume locking system
  • Ultra light weight
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Soft springs mechanism
  • Pushbutton-lever system
  • 4-digit counter
  • User calibration
  • Thermal insulation
  • Durable sealing system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fully autoclavable
  • UV resistant body





Pipettes DP10, DP20, DP200 and DP1000

Universal 4-position stand

Tips 10µl, 96 pcs

Tips 200µl, 96 pcs
Tips 1000µl, 96 pcs
Calibration tools
4 Pipette hangers
Instruction manuals

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