Syrris is the world leader in flow chemistry and have unrivalled solutions for any automated chemistry. For more product info as well as detailed information about the technology you can visit:

Atlas HD 

Atlas HD is an automated, modular jacketed reactor platform for R&D chemists and chemical engineers. Atlas HD enables supreme flexibility and seamless interchangeability of jacketed reactors from 50 mL to 5 L. Find out more here

Orb Jacketed Reactor

Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, Orb is the jacketed reactor system combining high performance and excellent value. Find out more here

Orb Pilot

Orb Pilot is a pilot-scale, modular jacketed reactor for scaling up of batch processes and offers multiple setups in one footprint. Find out more here

Atlas Syringe Pump

Versatile syringe pumps featuring advanced dosing protocols including pH control, temperature dependent dosing and autosampling, with flow rates up to 200 mL/min. The Atlas Syringe Pump is perfect for chemists looking for a single syringe pump that can fulfill all their chemistry needs. 

Atlas HD Crystallization

The Atlas HD Crystallization system allows crystallization processes to be both monitored and controlled. Monitor your crystallization using the Atlas turbidity probe and node and control the process using the innovative SonoLab module to perform sonocrystallization or sonomilling techniques. Find out more here

Atlas Cryo Reactor

The Atlas Cryo Reactor is a high-performance, ultra-cold cooling module for round bottom flasks. The compact module requires only mains power to rapidly cool reactions to process temperatures as low as -80 °C. Find out more here 

Atlas Potassium 3 Bar Pressure System

The Atlas Potassium 3 Bar System is a modular 3 bar pressure reactor system that can be controlled automatically or manually. Available with reactor volumes from 100 mL to 3 L that can be changed in minutes without the need for tools. Find out more here

Atlas Sodium 200 Bar Pressure System

The Atlas Sodium Pressure System is designed for applications where elevated pressures (up to 200 bar) or temperatures (250 °C as standard, >300 °C as an option) are required e.g. hydrogenations, carbonylations, etc. Find out more here

Atlas Flasks and Vials

Atlas Flasks and Vials is a range of essential tools for small scale chemistry in round bottom flasks and vials. Providing fine control for round-bottomed flasks, vials, and parallel chemistry, Atlas Lithium, Atlas Sodium, Atlas Orbit, and the Stacking Dry Bath enable chemists to be more productive. Find out more here

Automation Solutions

Atlas Syrris Automation tools are designed to provide ultimate flexibility while empowering you to design experiments that could never be achieved manually. Find out more here