Miliot Science was founded on the 8th of September in 2010. The reason for establishing a new company was that we saw prices in the Nordics, on laboratory instruments, consumables and reagents constantly being higher priced than in most countries. We therefore had a vision to bring high quality products to the Nordics directly from the manufacturing sites, without any “middle organizations”. Surprisingly this is still unique. Another reason for establishing a new company was to bring in strong values where profitability is not conflicting with soft values, where employees are valued and environmental aspects are followed.


We started within Finland with different weighing instruments from Radwag and sample enrichment kits from Norgen Biotek.


We started trading in both Norway and Sweden.

For balances with milligram precision we achieved a market leading position with the Radwag AS 220/X balance. We also got our support trained on the Radwag portfolio and started to offer service contracts and customer trainings.

Our Total RNA Purification kit from Norgen Biotek achieved a similar position within nucleotide purification.

Our portfolio grew with a new collaboration with ELMI, which immediately was a success. 

Our first patent was granted for our own ecological consumables line Miliot-EcoLab

We moved from our initial “warehouse like” facilities to our current location. Mannerheiminkatu 20 in Porvoo Finland, where we are also happy to  invite customers to seminars and visits.

We ended our first fiscal year still with a negative result, but within our target region.


We expanded our trading to Denmark and we are now covering Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The analytical balance Radwag AS 220/X remained market leader. 

We introduced a smaller version of our popular Total RNA Purification kit and increased even further the amount of users.

Our portfolio grew with Hanna Instruments which is the world largest manufacture of pH instruments and have just released a series of titrators. Our service was also trained on pH and titration.

We also started collaboration with Syrris, the world leader in automatic chemical processes and flow chemistry, and with Agilent Technologies one of the biggest analysis companies in the world.

Our own Miliot-EcoLab line was also introduced.

We ended our second fiscal year with a positive result and above our target region.


We finally were able to open up our Webshop, with a small taster of our portfolio for very special prices.

We became the distributor in Finland for Bruker GC, LC and MS. This directly meant that we became one of the leading companies in the field and added new instruments to our clinical focus.

We focused hard on the protein field and were happy to sell the first Centeo instrument in the Nordics.

We released the best pH-meter ever made, the HI Edge!

We finished our third fiscal year with continued strong growth and earnings were invested back into the company. 


We started the year with a very strong presence in many relevant conferences and exhibitions, European, Nordic and domestic.

From the very start we became the domestic market leader in some balance segments. This year we can claim the same for pH.

In April and May we almost doubled our portfolio, strengthened our sales and service teams and set our sights for a year of heavy growth. Our new collaborations included ECOM, HTL, Optika and Teknokroma.


Our revenue continued to grow and we continued to win market shares in the pH segment.

We added several new collaborations into our portfolio continuing our effort to become a comprehensive partner for more and more laboratories.


We upgraded our homepages and the Webshop. Now everything should work smoothly again. Please have a try! 

We started our 10th fiscal year in October and celebrate this by regularly introducing new Super Offers through the year. 


Through our new collaboration with Auxilab we can now add a huge range of new manufacturers to our portfolio.


Radwag ELLIPSIS balances was launched, a new professional level of laboratory balances with outstanding technology.


The first automatic device designed to calibrate single- and multi-channel micropipettes with [d] 1 µg, in accordance with ISO 8655 requirements, the AP-12.1.5Y from Radwag product range was launched.