31.5 2024
Our Summer newsletter, both domestic and international versions, have now been published. Check for instance the new Radwag X7 series balances on sale!
23.2 2024
Brand new Radwag X7 series balances out now – check them out here.
3.11 2023
Our latest newsletter is out now! Check our super deals on Radwag ELLIPSIS micro- and analytical balances for pipettes calibration here.
27.10 2023
A great assortment of different laboratory instruments and equipments from different manufacturers now on Super Sale. Check it out HERE.
11.10 2023
ECOM analytical devices now at a discount of up to 20%. Offer valid till 20 November 2023
1.10 2019
We now celebrate the start of our 10th fiscal year with many great offers through the year. Be sure to regularly check out our Super Offers page!
26.8 2019
Check out our new upgraded homepages and try out our simple to use Webshop. 
14.5 2018
Syrris European Roadshow 2018 will visit Finland at Lappenranta University of Technology on Friday 18 May. More info here.
14.3 2016
We have now successfully gone through a period of rapid growth and now have a portfolio which is double in size compared to a year ago. We now have a very comprehensive instrumentation range for any laboratory as well as some real cutting edge scientific instrumentation.
10.9 2015
Special Offer: All Miliot-EcoLab racks are now 2,- € and we donate 1,- €/rack directly to refuges charity organisations! Please buy as many as you can.
26.3 2015
We are now proud to be able to offer Teknokroma HPLC and GC columns and consumables to all brands of instruments. We are the objective alternative and are not attached to any instrument vendor anymore.
10.11 2014
Miliot Science Newsletter November 2014. Get the latest news and offers here.

20.6 2013

We are proud to announce that we have started a collaboration with Centeo, one of the leading companies in protein crystallization. We can now offer some cutting edge and innovative products in all Nordic countries. Hopefully will this save numerous researchers both time and money as well as bring new significant scientific knowledge to the world. 

20.5 2013
Today we started a mailing for a major summer SALE in Finland. This is valid until mid-June. Please contact us if you did not get the mailing. Most of these products are available in all Nordic countries, so for the rest of the Nordics all you have to do is ask us…(several balances, water bath, centrifuge, moisture analyzer, test tube racks, protein purification kits aso.)

8.4 2013

We have now activated a Twitter account (@MiliotScience). We start by giving out items for free to all followers (competitors do not bother, you will be blocked) and we will continue giving out free items, special offers or urgent info by Twitter.
19.3 2013
We currently have a special campaign for our Danish customers with several different instruments. In Finland we have a new spring campaign. If you have not got these, please e-mail us at miliot@miliot.com.
25.2 2013
We currently have a special campaign for our Norwegian customers with several different instruments. In Finland we have a specialized RNA campaign. If you have not got these, please e-mail us at miliot@miliot.com.
30.1 2013
We currently have an ongoing mailing campaign with titrators for a fantastic price value and some of the best balances ever made. If you have not got these offers, please contact us at miliot@miliot.com.
Yes, we need more people. If you have the skills and the attitude to represent our company, then please join us!. Fluent Finnish and at least a M.Sc. degree in Natural Sciences are required. We are looking for independent individuals prepared to show their potential with a commission based salary. You might have to start with a part-time salary but could reach a management position fast. If you are interested send us your CV and a cover letter to miliot@miliot.com and the subject line “future star”. We are a company based on values, and the well-being of our employees and our environment is of equal importance as staying profitable and giving added value to our customers.
18.1 2013