We offer the full range of Elmi and MPW centrifuges. This webshop is just a convenient way to get some of our most popular items. Please contact us for any inquiries on other centrifuges.

CM-50 closed
Elmi CM-50
Mini-centrifuge, 15 000 rpm
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CM-7S Plus
Elmi CM-7S Plus
Centrifuge, 3 500 rpm
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Sale! HTL Mini Microcentrifuge
HTL Mini Microcentrifuge
Compact spin down centrifuge
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MPW M-Universal
Universal laboratory centrifuge, 18 000 rpm
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MPW-150R lid open
Centrifuge, 15 000 rpm, refrigerating
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Centrifuge, 18 000 rpm, refrigerating and heating
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MPW-56 open
Small compact centrifuge, 6 000 rpm,
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