Zuzi 4251/50 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

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Wavelength range 190-1100 nm, Bandwidth 2 nm

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High end spectrophotometer especially suitable for Molecular Biology or Biochemistry laboratories since it allows qualitative (absorbance and transmittance measurements), quantitative (concentration measurements) and kinetics analysis in the UV-visible range. With excellent features it presents only 0.05 % stray light and a band width of 2 nm which assure accurate and precise readings.

Digital adjustment of wavelength
Wavelength range: 190-1100 nm
Bandwidth: 2 nm
Reading: absorbance, transmittance, concentration (standard curve and coefficient methods) and kinetics
Compartment for 4 cells of 10 mm (external exchanger)
Includes 4 glass cells and 2 quartz cells, 10 mm pathlength
USB and parallel ports
Compatible with software MWave Professional (not included)
Power supply: 220V-50Hz / 110V-60Hz (by manual switch)