Pol-Eko ST 1 C Smart

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Cooled Incubator, +3°C…+40°C

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  • temperature range +3…+40°C (+70°C in Smart PRO)
  • chamber capacity 70 liters
  • working capacity 55 liters
  • quality control protocol (in +37°C)
  • instruction manual in English and menu in various languages
  • Over temperature protection 1.0 class (according to DIN 12880) for models C (comfort), 2.0 for models P (premium) and 3.3 class in Smart PRO
  • open door alarm
  • LAN port and USB port
  • internal LED light
  • access port to enter an external sensor (Ø30 mm) on the left side of the unit
  • door lock
  • stainless steel wire shelves (INOX) for models C (comfort) and P (premium)
  • full external doors
  • WiFi communication (only Smart Pro)
  • LAN cable (only Smart Pro)
  • LabDesk software for, inter alia, downloading data to computer (only Smart Pro, for Smart version – optional)
  • available models: C (comfort), P (premium)
  • available controllers: Smart or Smart PRO
  • special models:FOT – phytoperiodic system – day and night simulation

Advantages of the SMART controller:
– 4,3”, clear, full colour touch screen
– LAN, USB ports for data transfer
– multi-segment time and temperature programs
– visual and sound alarm
– internal memory for programs and data storage
– event registry
– user manual for direct download
– Quick change of program parameters
– Alarm Bar
– operating with gloves on

Please note controller option. Incubator also available with Smart PRO controller. See more information on Smart and Smart PRO controllers below.


Additional options such as interior glass door, extended temperature range, automatic defrosting fuction etc. also available. Please contact us for your desired setup.



Smart or Smart PRO controller