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Peltier Cooled incubator

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Innovative and ecological Peltier-cooled incubator ILP 115 Smart

Advantages over compressor-cooled incubators:

– Environmentally friendly
Elimination of compressor and refrigerants
ensures environmental protection.

– Lighter and smaller
The Peltier-element system has reduced the size and
weight of the unit.

– Vibration-free
With the introduction of the Peltier-element system,
vibrations previously generated by the compressor
have been eliminated.

– Perfect performance
The cooling system based on the Peltier-element
features excellent temperature stability and uniformity.
It also improves the temperature recovery time
(e.g. after door opening).


standard (smart) version Peltier cooled incubator, forced air convection, chamber capacity: 112 l, powder coated sheet housing* (grey colour with graphite front panel), stainless steel interior, double door: internal glass and external solid, temperature range: 0°C…+70°C (max 20°C below ambient temp.), temperature resolution every: 0,1°C, 4,3″ full colour touch screen (comfortable use – just like your smartphone), six-segment temperature-time profile, 2 stainless steel wire shelves, access port, test results memory, open door alarm, door lock. *) Optionally stainless steel linen finish housing (IG) available.

Advantages of the SMART controller:
– 4,3”, clear, full colour touch screen
– LAN, USB ports for data transfer
– multi-segment time and temperature programs
– visual and sound alarm
– internal memory for programs and data storage
– event registry
– user manual for direct download
– Quick change of program parameters
– Alarm Bar
– operating with gloves on

Please note controller option. Incubator also available with Smart PRO controller. See more information on Smart and Smart PRO controllers below. Please contact us for your desired setup.


Peltier cooled incubators

Smart or Smart PRO controller


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