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Optika SFX-91D


Digital stereomicroscope, 40x, 3 MP camera

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Optika SFX-91D digital stereomicroscope, x40

SFX-91D is an efficient and convenient digital binocular stereomicroscope equipped with turnable objective with 3 magnifications (1x-2x-4x), precision fixed arm with handle, and incredibly bright and uniform illumination (transmitted and incident), settable through the exclusive touch control. Powered by rechargeable batteries.

The 3 MP camera integrated in the SFX-91D head easily captures pictures and videos, providing sharp images in a very intuitive and user-friendly way, being ideal also for the first experiences in digital microscopy. Discover new horizons!

  • head binocular 45° inclined, 3 MP integrated camera
  • eyepiece WF 10x/20
  • objectives 1x, 2x, 4x selectable
  • working distance 60 mm
  • stand precision fixed with focus and handle
  • illuminator 1W LED, incident and transmitted
  • touch brightness control
  • rechargeable batteries



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Weight 2,5 kg