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Hanna Instruments HI-921 Autosampler

Automated titration sample handling system

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Autosampler – Automate up to 18 samples
Hanna Instruments is pleased to introduce the HI921 Autosampler.
The HI921 Autosampler is an automated titration sample handling system
designed for use with the HI902C Potentiometric Titration System. This
high quality system makes the titration of multiple samples quick and easy.
The HI921 can utilize up to three peristaltic pumps and one diaphragm pump
for reagent addition, sample leveling, and waste aspiration. An included
control panel allows for manual operation of the motors and pumps. The
HI921 also features sample leveling, built-In magnetic stirrer, reagent
addition, electrode rinse feature, USB interface with compatible barcode
reader and built-in RFID for each tray.
With the Autosampler, up to 18 samples can be run consecutively. The
HI921 Autosampler interfaces directly with the HI902C to access titration
methods. Once a method is established, the user can then customize the
automation sequence of their samples for this method. Sample names
and size can be customized or auto filled in with preset values. Once the
Autosampler sequence is complete, two reports are available for review: a
sequence report, with a table outlining each sample name, beaker position,
sample size, and result for the tray, and a detailed titration report for each
individual sample, including the graph of the titration data.

• Flexible, accurate detection of the titration endpoint with HI902C
potentiometric titrator
• Automation of up to 18 samples per tray
·· 16 and 18 sample trays available based on beaker size required.
·· 16 sample tray holds 150 mL beaker
·· 18 sample tray holds 100 mL beaker
• Absolute encoder in sample tray
·· The Autosampler always knows the tray position. It never needs
calibration and never needs to “home”
• Electrode rinse feature
·· Up to 3 beakers per tray can be designated for electrode dip
rinses; a primary, secondary, and tertiary rinse.
• Automatic addition of reagents or deionized water to the
sample beaker by peristaltic pump
• Included control panel for manual operation of motors and pumps
• Built-in magnetic stirrer or optional overhead propeller stirrer
• Barcode reader interface for easy sample tracking
·· USB barcode reader interface for easy sample identification
 Built-in RFID in each tray, communicating tray serial number and
number of beakers it holds
• Optical IR beam detects presence or absence of beakers in the tray
·· Ensures the Autosampler doesn’t proceed with titration if a
beaker is missing
• USB interface
·· Use with barcode reader
·· Field upgradable software
• Sample trays made of chemically-resistant materials and are
removable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
• Electrode holder can accommodate 3 x 12 mm electrodes,
temperature sensor, 1 aspiration tube, and 5 multipurpose
tubes (reagent addition, burette dosing)
·· Allows user to switch between methods without having to
physically switch electrodes
• Real time progress of the sequence and results shown on the
HI902 titrator screen.
• Integrated peristaltic (up to 3) or diaphragm pump (optional)
• Sample leveling feature
·· Automatic leveling for fast preparation of volumetric samples
• Waste removal feature
·· Aspirate completed samples into a waste container.

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HI921-XY Autosampler – X is the number of peristaltic pumps (0-3) Y is the number of diaphragm pumps (0-1): HI921-10 Autosampler
with 1 peristaltic pump, HI921-20 Autosampler with 2 peristaltic pumps, HI921-30 Autosampler with 3 peristaltic pumps, HI921-01
Autosampler with 1 membrane pump, HI921-11 Autosampler with 1 peristaltic pump and 1 membrane pump, HI921-21 Autosampler
with 2 peristaltic pumps and 1 membrane pump, HI921-31 Autosampler with 3 peristaltic pumps and 1 membrane pump