ECOM ECD2800 UV-VIS Detector

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variable wavelength, 190-800nm

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ECD2800 UV-VIS Variable Wavelength Detector

This detectors have continuously variable wavelength in the range of 190 – 800 nm and noise level is ± 3×10-6 AU. The unit is suited for analytical applications.

It is easy to operate; light intensities for reference and sample channels are available for detector diagnostics as well as information on lamp operating hours. The detector performs automatic  wavelength calibration after the lamp has been switched on. High standard deuterium lamp in a special socket enables easy exchange.
Output signal is available in both digital and analogue form. Detector can be controlled, programmed and used together with Clarity or ECOMAC software via RS232 or Ethernet interface.
Cell can be easily removed from the front of the unit. Three selectable flow cells AC02AC05 and AC10 with optical path length 2.4, 5 and 10 mm. AC05 cell is included as component of the detector.


Wavelength range 190-800 nm
Accuracy of adjustment ± 1 nm
Reproducibility ± 0.5 nm
Light source Deuterium lamp, Halogen lamp
Noise (Test cell, 254nm, TC 2s, 10 Hz) ± 3 x 10-6 AU
Drift (Test cell, 254nm) 1·10-4 AU/hr.
Time constant 20 – 10 000 ms
Sampling speed up to 100 Hz
Digital output 1 V/AU
Analog output 1x configurable
Wetted materials depend on a cell – fused silica, PTFE, stainless steel, PEEK
Communication RS232,Ethernet (LAN)
Display, keypad VFD 140×32 pixels, 10 pushbuttons
Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz 100VA
Dimensions W x H x D 280 x 135 x 498 mm (11.02 x 5.12 x 18.23 in)
Weight 9 kg (19.8 lb)
Optical cables no